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WWII US Army Camp

Three Battalions of The US Army Corps of Engineers were stationed at Highnam, Gloucestershire in 1944 to do their final training. They comprised the 51st; 291st and the 296th Engineer Combat Battalions. In June 1944 they were posted to France and landed on Omaha Beach. They then fought their way through France, Belgium and Germany. Their priority tasks were to clear mines, build bridges and maintain roads.

US Army bridge-building exercise at Highnam 1944.

Highnam Court 1944.

Sgt: Sebastian Llabella, 296th Engineers Combat Battalion.
Highnam Court Camp 1944.
His home Middletown, Connecticut.
Sebastian's Story

William Ball, 291st Engineers Combat Battalion.
His home Duryea, Pennsylvania.
William's 'Dog Tag' was found at Highnam in 2005 and returned to his family.

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History of US Army Combat Battalions at Highnam 1944

Thanks to research by David Thomas