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Taynton Parva

In the Middle Ages there were six moats in Taynton. This photo shows one of the medieval moats at the site of the deserted village once known as Taynton Parva. The old village is mentioned in The Domesday Book of 1087 and it is believed that this moat was built in the 12th century. It is thought to have been a Motte and Bailey and would originally have been surmounted by a small timber castle. The old Taynton Church was sited in an adjacent enclosure and old records reveal that at one time the parson dwelt on the moated site. During a Civil War skirmish in 1642 the Royalists burnt the church and parson's house to the ground.

For a comprehensive history of Taynton Parva, see:- “Taynton Parva Deserted Medieval Village Its History and Archaeology” by Sarah Williams.