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The Gannets

Saxon Coins

Gold Thrymsa (Wunetton type).
The only Thrymsa found in this part of Britain.
630 to 650.
On display at Gloucester City Museum
Silver Penny.
680 to 710.
Donated to Gloucester City Museum
Saxon Sceat:
Series E Porcupine/stepped cross Type 53
Cnut short cross penny
Moneyer Aegelwine York mint
Harthacnut 1040-42 Arm sceptre type
Moneyer Wulfheard, Gloucester mint
Eadmund penny
King of the English from 939 until his death 26 May 946 AD
Cnut half penny - 1025/6
Mint - Lincoln
Moneyer - Sweartbrand
Edward the Confessor penny
Pyramids type, minted at Gloucester by Leofwine 1065
  Alfred the Great.
Silver Penny.
886. Issued when London was captured.
On display at Corinium Museum, Cirencester
Aethelred II.
Quarter Penny.
978 to 1016.
Aethelred II.
Quarter Penny.
978 to 1016.

Merovingian Tremissis.
Aquitaine, Rodez.
7th Century.
1.28g., 15mm., moneyer Rosolus, laureate bust right, branch before, pellets in field, crescent below, rev. monogram, ROSOXVS-M
Malmesbury, Whiltshire.
An Early Medieval silver sceat of uncertain ruler, dating to the period AD 710-735. Series E, Secondary (Type 4).

 Norman Coins  
William I silver penny
Sword type 1079 - 1082
Nr Huntley
William 1 penny
William 1 penny  



Henry I.
1100 - 1135
Henry I.
1100 - 1135