Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets

Edward III Hoard

During 2008 a narrowly scattered hoard of the following eleven coins was found:

  • Edward III Half Noble
  • Edward III Quarter Noble
  • Scottish Groat of Robert II
  • Five Edward III Groats
  • Three Edward III Half Groats
The hoard was recovered by club members David Hutton, Andy Frape, Don Sherratt and Mark Powles. This hoard is currently going through the treasure process.

See the Nobles & Groats /n
/n Medieval Hoard page for individual pictures of each coin.

Medieval Value of Hoard

one Half Noble 3s.4d (40 pence)
one Quarter Noble 1s.8d (20 pence)
five English Groats 1s.8d (20 pence)
one Scottish Groat* 3d (3 pence)
three Half Groats 6d (6 pence)
total 7s.6d (89 pence)
*Although it had a face value of 4d, a Scottish Groat used debased silver so was only worth 3d in England.


The club members who recovered the hoard.

From left to right:

  • Andy Frape
  • David Hutton
  • Mark Powles
  • Donald Sherratt

Digging the Hoard

Originally 7 coins were found by detecting in the top of the plough soil. It was felt the plough had pulled these coins up from deeper. After the crop had been harvested mechanical diggers were used to remove the top layer of plough soil so that the lower layer of plough soil could be detected. Another four coins were found this way.