Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets

Roman Hoard.

In 1996 club founders Dave Hutton and Don Sherratt discovered a scattered hoard of Roman coins in Taynton. 180 Roman bronze coins were found in an area approximately 30m by 30m. A few small Severn Valley Ware pottery shards could be seen in the plough soil. Iron making slag (bloomery slag) and other furnace waste is evident in the soil. A bronze stylus and a few other Roman artefacts were found in the close vicinity.

Mar 1996. 1 coin of Constantine I
Jan 1997 1 coin of Constantine I
Sep-Oct 1999 22 coins of Constantine I
5 coins of Licinius
23 coins Unidentified
Reported as Treasure. Coins sent to British Museum.
Aug 2000 95 coins With permission of landowner removed approx 12 inches of top soil. Coins sent to British Museum.
Sep 2001 & Sep 2002 23 coins Searches after ploughing revealed 23 coins. Coins sent to British Museum.
Oct 2005 2 coins of Constantine I
Sep 2006 1 coin found. 144 coins returned to landowner by Britsh Museum.
May 2008 1 coin of Licinius
5 coins of Constantine I
1 unidentfiable