Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets

Club Objectives

The objectives of the club are to:

Foster comradeship, cooperation and responsible metal detecting between detector users;

To enable finds to be identified;

To record finds through the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Monuments Record Office.

Members must abide by the rules of the Treasure Act 1996 and submit all finds for recording.


Club Meetings are held every two months at the Taynton Parish Room.

The club has at least one detecting outing for members each month.

There is also a bank of open fields from which several fields are always available for detecting.

There is an active internet Forum used by members and a regular club newsletter.

The club has a library of books which members can use to identify finds and learn about local history.

Recording Finds

All members publish their finds on the clubs forum and a record of every dig is compiled by a group of recorders.

 Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, attends the bi-monthly Club Meetings to identify and record historically important artefacts. The club has GPS positioning systems which allow members to record the location of a find to within 10 metres.

Club Awards

At each bi-monthly club meeting Kurt Adams judges the best finds since the last meeting in the following four categories:

Eyes only


Hammered coins

Milled coins

There is also an annual award based on points gained in all categories at each meeting.