Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets


Membership is currently FULL!!



If you are interested in joining our Club, we have very limited spaces year on year, so there could be a lengthy waiting list. Nevertheless we are always pleased to hear from newcomers to the area or newcomers to the hobby.

Full members pay an annual subscription and an individual dig charge. Full members are also able to dig on the extensive Open Fields that the club has acquired, for a small charge.

Members sign up to the objectives of the Club:

  • to foster comradeship, cooperation and responsible metal detecting between detector users
  • to enable finds to be identified
  • to record finds through the Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Monuments Record Office

And also agree to be active in their membership. This is not a club for casual participants.

Members undertake to

  • regularly attend Club meetings and digs
  • regularly communicate by posting on the Club Forum.
  • hand all finds on Club sites to the Club for recording as necessary.

Access to a computer and an e-mail address is essential as most communication is via the Club Forum.

All applicants, when signing up to become a member, must certify that they are not a member of another detecting club and may not join another club whilst retaining membership of TMDC.

How do I apply ?

In the first instance, email the Membership Secretary asking to be put on the waiting list. In due course you will be invited to be our guest at one Club dig and one club meeting. This enables you to get to know us and ask questions and in turn gives us a feel about you. As a vacancy arises, the Club Committee will meet to review your application and advise you of the outcome. Please note that our membership level is fixed and as you would expect of a well run, popular club, membership turnover is low.