Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets

161 Elmbridge Road

All the finds on this page come from a single Garden in Gloucester.

The owner, Liz Gaze, invited the club to help identify the pipes she was finding.

The finds consist of highly decorated French pipes made by Dumeril and standard Victorian products - possibly made locally.

The jury is still out on why the pipes have been found here. The original theory was that they were dumped as wasters/old stock before the house was built in 1906. It is known that a retail outlet existed nearby that also produced pipes by H.Dewy & Co. Gloster. However, not many of the pipes have the Dewy makers mark on them so it is probable that they also bought in stock (blanks, unmarked pipes) from elsewhere - Broseley, Bristol, and France, to re-badge as their own, which could explain this.

French Pipes

Made by Dumeril 1844 - 1890.

Victorian Pipes