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Introduction to Badges

The most famous badge in Gloucestershire is the back badge of the Gloucestershire Regiment uniquely worn at the back of headdress, and awarded for gallentry at the battle of Alexandria in 1801.

The Regiment, then the 28th Foot (North Gloucestershire), were defending an unfinished redoubt on a line of low sand hills. The main French attack fell on the flank which the 28th were defending. The 28th were attacked repeatidly from the front and flanks by waves of fresh infantry and cavalry but did not give way. After four hours of attacks a French cavalry regiment broke through the British line and turned a fresh squadron to charge the 28th in the rear whilst they were still fighting infantry to their front. The historic order "Rear rank, 28th! Right about face!" was given. The rear rank of the three deep line turned around and held their fire until the French horsemen were only a few lengths away, when they fired a point blank volley which broke the charge.

Cap badges fore and aft are worn to this day by soldiers of The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire & Wiltshire LI.