Free Lost Items Service

The club is always happy to help local farmers in locating pieces of lost machinery. We will also help members of the public find lost jewellery or other items of sentimental value.

We can travel to most areas within the county if you have a rough idea of where it was lost. We are not always successful, but are always thrilled if we can unite to lost item with its owner.

If you need our service please contact us here: Contact

Below are a few of our success stories

Crest of the Percy family of Northumberland. Inscribed ESPERANCE EN DIEU Hope in God.
Lost in a garden. An extensive search was unable to find it. Months later detected in a nearby field having been carried by a bird.
Gold ring presented to squire of large estate by wife during their marriage in St James Chapel Royal London. Took off to keep safe whilst feeding sheep in parkland, young son threw it out of car widow. Detected 18 years later and caused great rejoicing. Gold ring presented to a lady when in her youth 50 years previously by a wealthy Russian. (crest unknown).
She promised to wear it for life. Lost in her garden when cutting pampas grass, detected on edge of bonfire.
Gold ring with three large diamonds found on former ‘Pick Your Own’ fruit farm. Owner not traced. This poster was in the packing shed on a 'Pick Your Own' Strawberry farm. Two members spent 6 man hours looking for this ring up rows of strawberries and found it in the middle of a strawberry plant A New Zealand couple on work experience had recently got engaged, the ring cost 4000 and was made from rings melted down from both sides of the family. The members refused a reward but were each given a bottle of wine.