Taynton Metal Detecting Club
The Gannets

Introduction to Ancient Coins

Celtic Coins

Celtic coins are very rare and their denominations are not known. They were only produced in the hundred years before the Roman invasion. The Taynton area belonged to the Dobunni tribe and the club has found several of their coins.

Roman Coins

During the period Britain was part of the Roman Empire three different denominations of coin were in use

20 BC to AD 214.
Name Value Metal
As base unit copper
Dupondius 2 Asses copper
Sestertius 2 Dupondii bronze
Denarius 4 Sestertii silver
Aureus 25 Denarii gold
AD 215 to AD 294.
Name Value Metal
Radiate unknown copper & silver alloy
Aureus unknown gold
AD 295 onwards.
Name Value Metal
Nummi unknown copper alloy
Siliqua unknown silver
Solidus 24 Siliquae gold